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Split Payments

A main feature of Payyo is the ability to split a transaction into several payments.

For example, if a payment needs to be allocated to different merchants, this feature makes it easy to do so. It is a beneficial model for marketplaces and platforms, as Payyo can split a basket with a revenue share between several business partners.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

DCC allows customers to see the amount their card will be charged, expressed in their home currency. It is a financial service in which credit card holders, when making a payment in a foreign country, have the cost of a transaction converted to their home currency at the point of sale.


Payment Plans

We leave it up to you how you want to manage your payments. You can choose a one-off transaction model or one of our other payment plans that best meets your needs.

No matter what plan you choose, the credit card information only needs to be available for the first payment. All subsequent payments can be initiated automatically without the need to re-enter the card details.



Advanced analytics can help you understand your customer data and how they perform.


Easy Integration

There are two kinds of integrations. You can choose between integrating with our hosted payment page or directly via API. Both involve a quick and easy installation and create a positive user experience. Both are adapted to your requirements.

Our Commitment

“Payyo helps us to empower our customers to accept all kinds of payments, no matter where they are in the world and at competitive credit card rates.”

Dennis Klett

CEO of Lodgify, the all-in-one SaaS solution for vacation rental owners

“Payyo is an integral part of our business. We service clients in over 100 countries and required a gateway to operate globally without numerous 3rd party integrations.

Olan O'Sullivan

CEO of TrekkSoft, the booking software provider for tours and activities